street & public art

Danny’s Urban Fairies
In the summer of 2015, local Danforth East resident Natalie Coulter created an public art initiative for her neighbourhood. The Danny Urban Faries Project invited local artists to create individualized fairy doors for various local businesses.  Over 50 businesses and artists participated, and the public was invited to visit each business in search of their fairy door.
The fairy door below is one created for Riverdale Homeopathy. The apothecary fairy door was made specific for this business and was inspired by the natural architectural style of the art nouveau movement. For more information about the project visit:


Dear Teacher
Dear Teacher is an ongoing mail art project offering people the opportunity to express feelings which often go unsaid between students and their teachers.
The premise is simple.
Write an anonymous letter to a teacher who impacted your life in any way and mail it.
All letters and teacher names will remain anonymous.

Check it out:

I Found This Lucky Penny for You
I have a habit of picking up ‘Lucky Pennies’ off the ground. A habit formed over many years of picking up dirty coins changed one day, when a good friend of mine suggested I date them when I found them.  Since, I’ve accumulated a fairly substantial collection of ‘Lucky Pennies’. Unsure of what I to do with these little charms, I more recently made the decision to spread the wealth. This is an ongoing project where found & dated ‘Lucky Pennies’ are placed in ring boxes throughout the city as gifts.

Thank You #35
In an effort to remind myself of positive things daily, almost two years ago I set out to write a daily journal entry, about something I was thankful for, for one year.  I now have a beautiful collection of daily blessings, and have recently decided to share some of them in the form of installations.  The first of a potentially ongoing project, entry #35, Flaws, was printed into a thank you card and placed as a gift for people around the city.

Sweet Reinforcements
An ongoing project that attempts to remind people of things in life we forget using stickers + sugar packets.