The Burning House

An ongoing and beautiful project I stumbled upon by Robert Holden. The series of posts from people around the world responding to the question: if your house suddenly caught fire, what do you take with you? It’s a simple question that asks us instantly decide what our most cherished items are.

Here are a few of my favourites.

Echard Wheeler, 43 years old, Photographer, Virginia Beach, USA

– my canon 5d mkII and 2 most essential lenses (35 1.4 and 50 1.2)
– 3 rings: wedding, friendship, and daughter to father
– grandfather’s agfa he traded for a luger in WW2 (wish he kept that Luger)
– buddha my then girlfriend, now wife, bought me from a thrift store in ABQ, NM
– stamp box my grandmother made me when I was a wee lad
– elk jaw bone from our family trip to Colorado
– one toy van from my ever growing collection
– old family photos
– current journal
– letters home from my Grandfather in WW2
– Grandfather’s air medal

Jennie Bukowski, 19 years old, Annapolis, Maryland, Writer, Crafter

-Grandpas Canon Camera Bag
-Favorite Shoes (Red Chuck Taylors)
-Black Fake Rayban Sunglasses
-Doll of Constance Contraire from the Mysterious Benedict Society Books
-Print of A Yeti Drinking Tea by Diana Sudyka
-Action Figure of the Tenth Doctor from Doctor Who
-Where the wild things are by Maurice sendak
-Boy by Roald Dahl
-The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum
-Black Cardigan
-Trident Gum
-A Comically Large Comb

Helen Stuttard, 19 years old, Student Photographer, England

– My pheasant Frankie
– My favourite notebook
– Quote from my Grandma
– Poem from my sister
– Car keys- Wallet
– Purse from Grandma- Phone
– iPod
– Photo of me and Grandma
– My bunnies
– My first project book I made on portraits of strangers
– Pot chickens from Grandma
– My Grandads epaulettes and cap badge
– Passport
– My dad’s first shoe
– 24-105 lens
– Camera and 50mm
– Locket with photo of my grandad in
– Teddy

Jeremy Zini, 30 years old, Brooklyn, NY, Artist

-Custom made boots from Argentina
-Favorite Jeans
-Macbook Pro

Brett Rogowski, 38 years old, Pennsylvania, United States, Programmer, Photographer, Runner

-Trusty knife
-Willow Tree Dad with baby (we had such a hard time conceiving our first child – this gift moved me)
-Medals from many, many, many marathons
-My favorite Mizuno Racing shoes
-Change of clothes for my two girls / pacifier from the hospital. Only one that works
-Paper mache cat that my wife and I both had when we met
-My guitar (the only item that has survived more than 15 years with me)
-Wine from 2008 the day my first daughter was born (Big Sur Marathon)
-Gimli my trusty pug
-Gimli’s treats
-Illegal fireworks
– Box of misc flowers given to me from my wife over 11 years ago
-Red Pepper
-My favorite pen
-Memory cards
-iPhone and iPad
-50mm and 125mm leneses
-Canon 40D (not shown)
-Dell 2600 – my life is almost completely digital now
-Painting from 2005 of a moth in monochromatic.

Claudia Bessi, 20 years old, Tuscany, Italy, Student of Design

-My grandpa’s sculpture
-My sketch-book with my first professional paint-brush
-My blue horse in glass, a memory of my childhood
-The necklace my boyfriend gives me for my birthday
-My birds in fabric hanging above my bed
-“The Alchimist”, my favourite book, a present of my best friend for my 18th birthday
-My ring, I always always wear it
-My very special photos
-My MacBook with the pink caterpillar!

Emily Loerke, 30 years old, Dallas, Texas, Blogger, Writer, Clergy

-Childhood woobie (for cape wearing and fort building)
-Favorite coffee mug
-My mom’s 1962 Gibson guitar
-Favorite thrifted belt
-Birth certificates & marriage license
-1941 Royal Quite Deluxe Portable Typewriter (a gift from dear friends)
-MacBook & iPhone
-Wallet, Checkbook, Keys
-Antique bone fork (a gift from my dad)
-My grandmother’s oak recipe box & recipe book
-Leather journal (My husband and I have been writing letters to each other in it for the past 5 yrs)
-My mom’s 1960’s blue bandana
-Favorite thrifted salt & pepper shakers that remind me of my twin sister
-Vintage Fire King dish (a gift from my mom)
-Antique E.T.N. Swift box (filled with cash we’ve been saving for our 25th wedding anniversary)
-Canon 40D (used to take this photo)

T.I., 31 years old, Sao Paulo, Brazil

-Magtech shotgun
-Foreign money
-My father’s watch
-Bank Tolken
-Car key
-Birth certificate
-Hard drive

Claudia Oseki, 34 years old, Photographer, Goiânia, Brazil

– My kids, Duda and Rafa
– Your friends, Charlie and Lola
– My cell phone
– A flashlight
– My cam (that is not in the pic)

For more of these check out the project’s website.