Bloom: Mental Health Meets Art Installation

One of the United States’ oldest public teaching hospitals closed its doors in November 2003.  The centre began in 1912 as the psychiatric department to Boston State Hospital, and later developed into a research and teaching facility for psychiatry.  In its 91 years in operation, the facility saw the works of many American psychiatric leaders.

As a final farewell to the original Massachusetts Mental Health Center (MMHC) building artist Anna Schuleit was commissioned to design an installation project for the site. BLOOM pays homage to the history and life found in the original building. The project used a variety of flowers selected, sorted by colour, potted and placed in the buildings main circulation routes, and selected rooms, in hopes of evoking to the building’s embedded memories. The basement floors were finished with live sod. The installation ran from November 14 – 17, 2003.